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Select GCR Pro provides a unique combination of data used by people and Agencies in the parts and logistics world, as well as companies providing services to the Government including State and local agencies. In the world of logistics, we provide integration of data used by people and organizations requiring logistics information on parts and services used by the Government and its suppliers; providing referenced links to regulatory information such as Government and industry standards and specifications mandated by the Government. This integrated approach allows data to be used in an organized connect the dots fashion including fulfilling contractors' needs to obtain data on daily procurement opportunities published by local, state and Federal Governments.
Site Disclamer: We provide data derived from Government sources and does not guarantee the accuracy of any data provided from these public sources.
Active Solicitations

Base Purchasing By NAICS


The Databases

There are two distinct databases - data used by the service world as well as suppliers requiring logistics and technical data including the same core functionality as, FEDLOGS, Haystack Gold and ILI's Logicom, but with a focus on helping the user have an integrated database of requisite information!

  •  Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force logistics data
  • SPECS and Standards both Mil and Non Government
  • GSA award data
  • FBO research data
  • More (see content)




The Seller

Solicitations, Drawings and Prospecting - we automatically monitor several Government sites for vendor opportunities including Procurement Gateway, FEDBIZOPS, Army, TACOM and NAVICP providing an integrated database of commercial prospects organized by zip code.

  • Competitive award history from GSA- FEDBIZOPS-DLA, TACOM and NAVICP
  • Alert service by key word and NIIN
  • GSA schedule award data
  • Cited associated documents such as Mil Specs or Non Government standards linked from Solicitation to documents
  • History of awards are provided with Solicitation

The Buyer

Our product includes all tools necessary to assist the contracting person in acquiring parts and services from over 800,000 contractors who have registered to do business with the Government. The database of contractors combined with award history plus the ability to select the type of company desired provides a cross pollination of sources of supply increasing competitive acquisition without increasing the cost of time by the purchasing manager.

Site Disclaimer: system provides data derived from Government sources and does not guarantee the accuracy of any data provided from these public sources.
Copyright- duplication of the databases, indexing and user tools are strictly forbidden